An article in The July 18th issue of USA Today addressed an alarming statistic. In the last ten years, 500 children have been killed in their own driveways – by someone “backing over” them by mistake.

This article discussed pending legislation that would require new standards for rear visibility on all vehicles including larger rear-view mirrors and sensors that sound a warning beep when the car is backing up (much like garbage trucks use.)

Kudos to the Safe Kids Worldwide program for giving their public education campaign a concise, compelling slogan.

What is their memorable slogan? “Spot the Tot.”

Truman Capote said, “ I’ve known all my life that I could take a bunch of words and throw them up in the air and they would come down just right.”

Good for Capote. For most of us, coming up with the right title and tagline takes longer. It’s worth the effort though because when we take the time to craft our message into words that rhyme, our message will be remembered over time.

If I asked you to think of the two instinctive human responses to danger, you might dredge up something you first heard decades ago in school . . . “fight or flight.” Part of why that phrase is so memorable is because it condenses an entire concept into a tight sound-bite featuring two rhyming words.

Are you developing a slogan for your cause, campaign, or company? Experiment with your key words until they settle into a phrase that features words that rhyme. Doing so, (i.e., “Shop until you drop”) will help your message get noticed and get remembered.

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