If you’re an American Idol fan – and even if you’re not – you’re probably familiar with the controversy swirling around Sanjaya Malakar’s constantly changing hairdo (or hair-don’t), including the much-maligned Faux Hawk.

Articles have been written about it, bloggers have posted about it, water-cooler conversations have been held about it.

No one thinks Sanjaya is a great singer. Even he admits his vocals aren’t his strength.

Regardless, he is in the top ten, getting more ink than any other contestant; proving, once again, that while talent is important; it’s not enough.

You may be thinking, “What’s this got to do with business?”

In an ideal work world, the most qualified candidate would get the job. The company with the best track record would get the contract. The highest-skilled consultant would get hired. In the real world, being good at what you do will only get you so far.

That’s one of the reasons I created POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd, which bestselling authors Ken Blanchard praise as “an inspiring guide to getting heard, getting remembered, and getting results” and Jeffrey Gitomer says is the “new way and best way to build buzz.”

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And, what do you think of Sanjaya? Is he “clever like a fox?” Is charisma trumping talent? Does he deserve to be in the top ten?