As an expert in branding who helps individuals and organizations stand out from the crowd, I’m always looking for companies that are POPing out for all the right reasons. is setting a shining example.

An article in today’s USA Today entitled “Amazon won’t go down with the ship” quotes CEO Jeff Bezos as saying, “I love to kerfuffle Wall Street.”

How so”? Industry analysts predicted disaster when Amazon first started offering PRIME – their unprecedented offer of unlimited, FREE, two-day shipping for a $79 yearly fee for anything from toothbrushes to lawn mowers. (Yes, offers those items in addition to books and CDs.)

However, the retail giant just reported a rise in sales for its second quarter, now at a 7 year high.

Bezos said, “We know in our bones that siding with the customer pays off for everyone in the end.”

Please reread that last sentence. What a profound philosophy. That commitment to providing value for customers is a PRIMary reason is now turning a profit.

Do you know a company that is POPing out of its pack because it “sides with its customers?”

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