Kudos to Dallas-based colleague Vince Poscente for his USA Today business bestseller The Age of Speed.

It’s a perfect example of a savvy Authorpreneur who is staying “on brand” with his message.

If you’ve attended a corporate event or association meeting in the past 10 years, you may have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing Vince in action.

Poscente, a business consultant who’s been honored as a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame (along with such respected orators as Art Linkletter, Og Mandino and Ronald Reagan), reached the gold medal round of the Olympic speed-skiing competition in Albertville, France.

What’s perhaps most intriguing and unique about this achievement is that Vince started with NO racing experience and accomplished this feat in an unheard-of four years. How? By strategically accessing the top masters in every aspect of the sport to expedite his acquisition of this daring skill.

When Vince speaks, he gets up on a chair and assumes the “skiers’ crouch” to demonstrate the aerodynamic shape necessary to acheive top speeds. He keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with his thrilling re-living of his death-defying run down the hill at speeds in excess of 100 mph. One slip would mean disaster.

Vince is known for his focus on how individuals and organizations can accomplish big goals in the shortest time possible. That’s his brand.

Which is why it was so smart of him to make sure his newest book has the word “Speed” in its title. That’s what people associate with Vince, that’s what they want to hear from him, that’s what they’ll buy, that’s what cements and perpetuates the perception that he is THE go-to expert on the topic of achieving and accelerating results, FAST.

Even his Table of Contents features speed-related titles such as A More-Faster-Now Revolution, The Big Blur and Racing Across a Tightrope.

Look at your business activities. Are they “on brand?” Are they centered around what customers expect, need and want from you? Does the language in your newsletters, reports and marketing material emphasize the words that are associated with your strength – what you’re known for?

If so, good for you. If not, buy a copy of Vince Poscente’s book The Age of Speed and learn from a master how to stay “on brand.”