They Don’t Listen To Their Customers Whine

“The way to a man’s heart is through his opinion.” – Malcolm Forbes

What?!” you may be asking in disbelief. “Why should I listen to people complain?”

Because they’re telling you their opinions and problems. If you fix their problems and listen to their opinions, they’ll flock to you.

For example, a Hawaii dive shop got tired of turning away customers who didn’t have a current scuba certification.

Solution? Why not run an air hose from the dive boat that people can keep in their mouth, kind of like an elongated snorkel? This way, you can swim with the fishes to your heart’s content. There’s no risk because you’re only 10-20 feet down and can resurface in seconds. You don’t have to haul around a heavy oxygen tank and no no costly certification is necessary so anyone can do this.

This innovative idea spawned a multi-million dollar industry – partially because this enterprising business owner solved a problem his customers were having and partially because he used a POP! technique called Half & Half to give this brand new activity a brand new name.

Let’s see, it’s half snorkel – half scuba . . . it’s SNUBA!

Are you listening to your customers? They’re telling you what’s wrong and what they want. If you create a service or product that addresses their unmet needs and give that invention a name that makes it POP! out, people (and media) will seek you out because everyone’s always looking for the next new thing.

Want to know how to do this? Purchase a copy of POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd (Perigee-Penguin) and read Chapter 9: Create the Next New Thing with the Half & Half Technique.)