Every year, INC Magazine selects the 5000 fastest-growing entreprneurial businesses in the country and honors their owners with a 3 day conference featuring world-class thought leaders.

I was a featured speaker at this year’s event at the brand new Gaylord Resort on Washington DC’s waterfront, along with Jim Collins, Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Tim Ferris and other bestselling business authors.

I started off my presentation – POP! Your Business and Brand — with my INC. 5000 POP! Hall of Fame. These companies all have attention-grabbing names that have helped them POP! out . . . for all the right reasons.

Some of these business names are Purposeful: they say exactly what the company does — such as Just Like Sugar – $46 million in revenue in 5 years and Bill Me Later – who wouldn’t want that?!

Some are Original: they elicit a smile or make our eyebrows go up because we haven’t heard them before – such as SkullCandy which specializes in audio headsets for snow boarders and skateboarders.

All of them are Pithy: they are concise and precise so they’re easy to repeat and remember — such as PowerPay which processes credit cards.

My three favorites?

KIDDOpotamus: They specialize in baby products, including the first non-rectangular swaddle blanket for infants. http://www.KIDDOpotamus.com

Bad Boy Buggies: They make an electric, all terrain vehicle that’s a cross between a golf cart and a monster truck. http://www.BadBoyBuggies.com

Furminator: They make grooming products for animals including a brush that dog-owners can use to reduce their pet’s shedding. http://www.Furminator.com

Are you naming a new business, product or service? Do yourself a favor and give it a Purposeful, Original, Pithy name so it POPs out of its pack . . and maybe I’ll see you at a future INC. 5000 conference.

Check back next week for more tips gleaned from this insight-a-minute event.