I’m here in Tampa blogging about Super Bowl Weekend.

Are you curious as to how the Super Bowl got its name?

In 1966, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle was on the verge of calling it the (lackluster) AFL-NFL Championship Game.

Billionaire owner Lamar Hunt thought that was boring. He noticed his kids playing with a bouncy Wham-O Super Ball.

Hmmm. Super ball. Super Bowl. Bingo.

Rozelle protested, “It’s not dignified enough.”

Hunt suggested, “Why don’t we add Roman numerals each year?”

The result? POP! Culture history.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll share what POP’d out at the Super Bowl (although meeting Pittsburgh Steeler legend Franco Harris yesterday is already a guaranteed highlight.)

I’ll also share the best Super Bowl commercials, celebrity sightings (does Adam Sandler count?), and memorable moments.