If so, good for you. I'm a Duke not one of those -fur babies- It means you’ve got your finger on the pulse of POP! (pup?) culture.

You can’t pick up a newspaper without reading about “Bo,” the new resident of the White House and official “First Dog.”

A 4-14-09 USA Today article features CEO’s and their pooches with the sage advice from Plaxo’s Ben Golub to “Never work with someone whose dog isn’t overtly happy to see them when they come home, or vice versa.”

A new book “One Nation Under Dog” talks about the $17 bilion (yes that’s a b) we spend annually on our “fur babies.” A local church is packing them in with its “Paws in the Pews” service and a bar in Virginia hosts popular petworking opportunities at its monthly Yappy Hour.

What’s that mean for you? Big business if you can figure out how to capitalize on the 6 out of 10 households who own pets and are more than glad to patronize any business who invites them in.