Knowing many of you care about the written word and the writing world, I wanted to bring an article to your attention entitled “Finding the Right Words To Remember Him” by Sally Jenkins in today’s Washington Post.

Jenkins fondly shares her memories of Edwin “Bud” Shrake, known for his work in Sports Illustrated and “Harvey Penicks’ Little Red Book,” the best-selling sports book of all time.

Jenkins says Bud followed the writing advice of Rudyard Kpling, who insisted that “to write means to be patiently ruled by the subconscious: ‘You wait, you listen, you obey.'”

She honors him with her description that he “didn’t write pretty, he wrote true Sort of the same way his friend Willie Nelson would transform country music and the way people sang.”

Take a moment to check it out. It’s an eloquent piece including Jenkins’ fond farewell to Shrake’s and her belief that his epitaph ought to be, “He did everything he wanted to, and nothing he didn’t.”