15 years ago, Rebecca Morgan was passing out candy to kids on Halloween when she had a better idea.

Why not pass out books instead of Baby Ruths?

An avid reader and many-time author of such non-fiction books as Calming Upset Customers which was featured on Oprah, Rebecca figured she rather feed kids’ creativity than their cavities.

She founded a program called Books for Treats which encourages people to give gently-read books to trick-or-treaters. Based in San Jose, CA, Rebecca and her team will be distributing 4000 already-enjoyed books to kids so they can discover that Harry Potter can be more satisfying than a Heath bar.

Libraries around the country are joining the effort by holding their own Books For Treats events, giving ready-to-be-recycled books to costumed library patrons on Halloween.

“I wanted to make a difference to the children in my community,” says Books for Treats founder Rebecca Morgan, “and thought it made sense to nourish children’s imagination with ‘brain candy.’ We separate the books into four grade-level boxes so each child can choose a book at their appropriate level.”

“At first, I was afraid some of the kids would be disappointed they got something to read instead of something to eat. But the look of wonder on their faces makes it all worthwhile. Many children have told me, “This is the first book I’ve ever ‘owned.'”

Why not start a new Halloween tradition this year? Look around the house and see if you have some books sitting on a shelf that could light up a young person’s life. Take advantage of this opportunity to introduce children to the wonderful world of reading.

For more information, visit http://www.booksfortreats.org.