Have you ever acted on a hunch and something wonderful happened?

Have you ever thought, “I really should call that friend I haven’t talked to in years – and when you did, they said, “You won’t believe this; I was just thinking about you.”

Have you ever had an inkling to walk down this street, introduce yourself to that person, read this particular article, go to that event – and it resulted in connecting you with something you needed?

Think about it. What are hunches? Where do they come from?

Some people call hunches “intuition.” Others call them a “gut feeling.” Creative people may call this their “muse.” Religious people sometimes call them “God Winks.” Scientists tend to regard them as animal instinct. Some call these “premonitions” or a “sixth sense.”

Whatever you call hunches, good things happen when you honor them. They’re almost always right.

I’ve learned many things about hunches in my study of them including:

1. Hunches happen for a reason. A good reason.

2. Acting on hunches often results in a “stroke of luck,” good fortune, a blessed twist of fate, what some people call “kismet.”

3. Acting on hunches sets SerenDestiny in motion.

In hundreds of interviews, people from around the world have told me dramatic stories of how honoring a hunch moved their life forward – for good.

The problem is, many people are too busy to pay attention to hunches. They get an internal nudge and think, “I don’t feel like it, I don’t have time, I’ll do that later.” And later is too late.

In my TEDX-NASA.org presentation and upcoming book on SerenDestiny, I share the inspiring message that you have more control over your life than you think.

I’d love to hear your SerenDestiny insights and stories. When was a time you listened to and acted on that little internal voice and something wonderful happened?

1. How do you define SerenDestiny?
2. How do you define hunches? Where do they come from?
3. Do you always act on your hunches? If so, why? If not, why not?
4. Tell me about a time you honored a hunch and it connected you with a synchronistic individual and opportunity.
5. What advice might you have for someone regarding acting on their hunches?
6. Any other suggetions on how we can set SerenDestiny (the life you were born to lead) in motion?

You are welcome to answer here on this blog or send your responses directly to me at Sam@SamHorn.com. If we are considering them for use in my upcoming book, I’ll contact you for permission. I look forward to hearing how SerenDestiny has moved your life forward – for good.