What a pleasure and privilege it was team-teaching the Don’t Just Tell It – Sell It: How to Monetize Your Blog and Social Media presentation at the National Speakers Association winter conference in Nashville.

Many people commented on the yin-yang Social Media 2.0 Odd Couple pairing of Terry Brock and me.

Terry’s the ultimate techie – world-renowned for his expertise with all things online. Check out his website http://www.TerryBrock.com to benefit from his leading-edge, gee whiz use of how to leverage the latest electronic gadgets to grow your network, market your products and services, and catapult your income.

Me? Well, I’m known for my ability to crystallize one-of-a-kind messages that take your business to a new level – but no one has ever mistaken me for a techie.

Anyway, a lot of people have requested my handout for the session – so here it is. I distilled it into one page – and will be following up with 4 posts that give an example of each of the action steps so you know exactly how to apply these insights to your business. Read it and reap.

This is a “fill-in-the-blank” handout so I’ve highlighted the “missing” word that I explained in the workshop.

If you’d like to listen to the recording of the 1 hr and 15 minute session (which, humbly submitted, rocked); you can get it at the NSA website – http://nsawinterconference.org/Portals/8/Documents/CMCOrderFormWC2010.pdf

POP! Your Social Media and Monetize Your Blog

by Sam Horn, America’s Intrigue Expert and Originator of The POP! Process

Hand-out for the National Speakers’ Association Winter Conference in Nashville, Feb. 13, 2010

“Are you tweeting to the choir?” – Sam Horn

1. The first goal of a blog and social media outreach is to ___CATAPULT_____ your network, not communicate to your current network.

2. The second goal of a blog and social media outreach is to ____MAkE____ __MONEY___. Be strategic so your efforts are symbiotic and produce multiple pay-offs. “Entrepreneurs must constantly triage their mind, time and dime.” – Sam Horn

3. The third goal of a blog and social media outreach is to produce a valued __BODY____ of ___WORK____ that grows visibility & positions you a go-to, respected topic expert.

4. Here are 4 ways to do the above:

a. Want good news? You don’t have to CREATE how-to content from scratch every time you blog. I’m not suggesting you rip-off other people’s work, I’m suggesting you ____RIFF_____ _OFF_ current headlines and related topics in the news.

b. Don’t annoy people by brow-beating them with sales pitches for your products and services. Strike a balance of posts with the TSS approach ____TELL___, __SELL___, __SERVE___ so people welcome your remarks and eagerly read them.

c. Don’t have time to write a book? Do you have 10-15 minutes to write a blog? _MULTI______- _PURPOSE__ your posts so they can immediately be turned into monetizable (that is a word, right?) e-products and anthologies.

d. You’ve got 30 seconds MAX to capture and keep people’s attention. Use these 3 tips to engage/impress even the most jaded, exhausted reader & potential client. “I try to leave out the parts people skip.” – Elmore Leonard

• Make ‘em ___LAUGH______ “I learned at an early age that when I made people laugh, they liked me.” – Art Buchwald
• Make ‘em think, “I __DIDN’T___ _KNOW___ _THAT___!”
• Make ‘em nod their head and say a mental __YES___.