This is the part of a series on how to Monetize Your Blog and POP! Your Social Media that’s excerpted from a presentation Hall of Fame Speaker Terry Brock and I presented to the NSA Winter Conference in Nashville.

Tip 2: Strike a balance of posts with the TSS approach (Tell, Sell, Serve) so people welcome your remarks and eagerly read them.

We’ve all read blogs, Tweets, and Facebook posts that relentlessly market the author’s products and services.

I don’t know about you, but about the third time I read a “commercial” post that is bent on brow-beating me into buying something, I regard that person’s outreach as spam and delete them from my network.

Yes, it’s appropriate to occasionally advertise and market what we do, but only when balanced with posts that are designed to add value to our readers.

We can do that by commenting on and complimenting other people’s work. When you read an intriguing blog by someone that makes your eyebrow’s go up, share their wealth.

For example, I read Seth Godin’s blog this morning (who is a genius – and who I will always be grateful to for endorsing POP!)

Seth provides incisive (as he always does) observations, this time about the importance of turning cliche’s on their head so we’re not stating the obvious.

Here’s Seth’s post . . with my comments.

What’s this mean for you? If you want to POP! Your Social Media and Monetize Your Blog, avoid being pedictable.

Remember, just because something’s important, doesn’t mean it’s interesting.

As soon as we hear something we’ve heard many times before, our eyes roll.

Instead of repeating cliche’s, why not re-arrange cliche’s?

Providing an unexpected ending to a cliche’ grabs people’s attention.

For example, Avon’s slogan for their breast cancer walks is “Good things comes to those who . . . walk.”

How about “I think, therefore iPod.”

A financial planner for couples could use the slogan, “Til Debt Do Us Part.”

A wine shop could feature a special, “Life is a Cabernet.”

A local baker put this sign in his window, “Give Yeast a Chance.”

See how easy it is to POP! your blog, FaceBook and Twitter messages?

Just start off a cliche’ the old way . . and finish it in a new way.

Use “didn’t see it coming” fresh phrasing in your titles, posts and Tweets, and people will be eager to see what you have to say.