“I try to leave out the parts people skip.” – bestselling author Elmore Leonard

TED is proving we can say a lot in a little – if we leave out the parts people skip.

TED.com (www.TED.com – Ideas Worth Spreading) pioneered an evolutionary approach to a conference.

Forget the keynotes and breakout sessions.

Everyone presents to the entire audience and everyone has a max of 8-18 minutes. Yes, even Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Bono.

What a concept.

As a presentation coach who’s Emceed TEDx-NASA twice, who coaches TEDx and Hall of Fame speakers, and works with entrepreneurs on their venture capital pitches; many express initial dismay upon learning they’ll only have 10 minutes to communicate their message or convince investors of their value proposition.

I tell them, “You can change A life in 10 minutes. You can change YOUR life in 10 minutes.”

The impressive speakers at TEDx programs are proving this.

Check out Oliver Uberti’s (design editor at National Geographic) TEDx-NASA presentation on how to crack open your creativity as evidence of how to intrigue everyone in the room. . . from start to finish. http:bit.ly/hzF0od

Check out the #TEDwomen twitter feed to see the distilled sound-bytes of these brilliant thought leaders.

For example, Omega Institute co-founder Elizabeth Lesser introduced a movement that has now gone viral . . . in a couple sentences.

Elizabeth implored the crowd to “catch themselves in the act of otherizing” and summed up how we can reverse the negative stereotyping that’s running rampant with this provocative 5 word slogan, “Take the other to lunch.”

Think about it. A profound idea that could positively influence millions was distilled into a 140 character Tweet that’s now being heard (and acted upon) around the world.

What message do you want to get across?

Whether it’s a conference keynote, venture capital pitch, luncheon presentation, TED talk or commencement address – its impact and memorability depends on whether you distill its essence into Purposeful, Original, Pithy sound-bytes that POP!

Want more tips on how to leave out the parts people skip so you can POP! your message?

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