Sam Horn’s Tip #2 for Creating Your USP:

POP! out of your Pack with an Easy-to-Say-and-Remember Name for Your Business, Brand, Product and Service

Have you ever burned your fingers on one of those really hot cups of coffee at Starbucks?

Do you put one of those “cardboard insulating sleeves” around the cup so your fingers won’t get burned?

If you were in that business, it’d be hard to stand out, wouldn’t it?

After all, people don’t really notice those carboard insulating sleeves; they all look alike.

Well, they may look alike but if you give your product an easy-to-say-and-remember name, it will help you POP! out of the pack.

That’s exactly what Jay Sorenson did. He created a multi-million dollar business by giving those common cardboard insulating sleeves a clever name – Java Jacket.

Sorenson says, “Java Jacket has such dominant market awareness, people who meant to call our competitors call us instead because they can’t remember our competitors name.”

That’s a profitable USP when people who meant to call your competitors call YOU instead because your name is top of mind.

Want to know how to create an easy-to-say-and-remember brand or business name that POP!s your USP?

Use alliteration.

Alliteration is when words start with the same sound. Alliteration makes our language lyrical and gives people’s mind a hook on which to hang a memory.

Test it out.

Say Dunkin Croissants. Best Purchase. Dirt Vacuum. Those words sound clunky, don’t they?

Now say Dunkin Doughnuts. Best Buy. Dirt Devil.

Hear how the alliteration makes those names easier-to-say-and remember?

If you are looking for a USP – Unique Selling Proposition – that helps your business, brand, product and service get noticed for all the right reasons — create an alliterative name that makes it easy to repeat and remember. It will keep YOU top-of-mind.