“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand over your marketing copy to bring it to life so it captures people’s imagination?

You can. While the year-end holidays are almost over; there is still a marketing lesson to be learned from them.

In the past week, I’ve seen three clever movie-video ads which riffed off traditional Christmas songs to produce smile-inducing taglines.

The first introduced the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD with WRECK THE HALLS.

You can probably see the next one coming — SHREK THE HALLS.

The third featured a sheep with the pig and spider from Charlotte’s Web with the caption FLEECE NAVIDAD.

Then there was the romance novel featured in the store window of a major bookstore. It featured a Fabio look-alike stretched out on a fur rug in front of a Yule log fire. The title? THE KNIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Valentine’s Day is only 8 weeks away.

Could you tie in your marketing slogan to a popular love song that is frequently mentioned along with that holiday? It could make your idea or offering more topical so it builds buzz, goes viral online and captures attention from the media and potential customers.

Just write up and review copy that describes your offering (whether that’s a business, product, service, book, movie, website, or blog post).

Now, pull out out ten key words you frequently use when explaining what your program/product is or does.

Now, visit http://www.freelyrics.com and enter those words into the search engine one at a time. Up will come a variety of song titles with “your” phrases.

Now, let the word play begin.

Substitute key words in a well-known lyric or popular song title with words related to your offering so that familar lyric has an unexpected twist.

You know you’ve come up with a catchy promotional campaign when the “new” phrase POP!s and brings a smile to your lips and heart.

See how this works?

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